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How do I find cheats, or generate a voting report on the winning photo?

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2013 12:51PM NZDT
Simply click on the photo and press Options on the top right hand side. If you are logged in as a manager you will have an option to generate a voting report. Click on that and within 5 - 10 minutes you will get a report sent to the email address that you joined Shuttlerock with. 

Voting Report

Our voting restrictions ensure only one vote can be cast on a photo from a single IP address to minimise cheating but here is a bit extra. The report should be fairly explanatory; it contains the following information:

Login Method for voters - how many people logged in with Facebook, Twitter or Email respectively. A lot of people logging in via email may indicate that someone is creating fake email accounts.

Top IP addresses of voters - due to our voting restrictions this should contain only unique ip addresses.

% of votes from different locations - indicates geographic locations, and the percentage of votes that came from them. A lot of the votes should generally be from the same location as the entrant, and a wide geographic spread may be cause for suspicion.

Voters with low facebook participation - indicates any voters with low 'participation' (e.g. no photos uploaded, limited wall posts) that may indicate a fake account.

Voters with no friends in common with the entrant - indicates any voters who aren't friends-of-friends with the voter. This can be a good indicator of whether or not the entrant is using a 'Voting Ring'-style group to game the system.
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