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How To Create Great Email Templates?

Last Updated: Apr 15, 2015 02:53PM NZST

1. What can we customise?

Although the font, size and colour of the text cannot be changed, you can change the content of the text, add hyperlinks and add a custom header and footer to support your brand. 

2. How do we add a custom header and footer?

- Click on the ‘admin’ button on the toolbar 

- Click on ‘notifications’ down the left toolbar

- You will then see ‘custom email header’ and ‘customer email footer’ fields. This is where you add in your HTML coded header and footer.

Also note that some email systems are strict on design of emails like googlemail. If the email templates look strange it would be because they are not optimised for the mailing system you are using. 


How do I make a customised email template? 

To start off the process, click on the ‘admin’ button in the toolbar, then click on ‘email templates’. 

You should then see a page entitled ‘custom email templates’. From here, simply click ‘add an email template’ and follow the instructions.

NB: if you can’t see the ‘email templates’ option, it just means that this hasn’t been enabled for your site yet. In order to get this enabled, just get in touch with your Customer Success Manager and they will happily switch this on. 

What emails can I customise?

 After entry is approved
 After entry is uploaded
 After entry is rejected
 Account confirmation instructions
 Reset password instructions
 Suggest that the user subscribe
 Welcome email

How do I create a ‘share your photo’, ‘unsubscribe’, ‘see your photo’ link specific to each user?

You will notice that there are a few variables you can add within the email including prompts to share the users photo.

As these links will change depending on the user, you will have to add these in so they are taken to the right place and are addressed in the right way. 

Let’s start with a simple one and make sure this email will go to the right person. 

What you want to say

Do I have to include all of the variables?

These variables provide excellent ways to continue the customer experience on your website and to get them sharing the content they have just uploaded. You by no means have to include all of them but it does aid the customer experience. 

One variable that you cannot omit is the unsubscribe variable as you must give people a clear option to unsubscribe as to not appear spammy. 

Why aren’t the hyperlinks working in my emails?

There are several reasons why these may not be working and not appearing as a hyperlink. 

1. The user is using an older mail system which does not support hyperlinks. 

2. The hyperlink has not been set up correctly. The correct way to set up a hyperlink is below. 

Whole customised email with coded variables – example:
seconds ago
a minute ago
minutes ago
an hour ago
hours ago
a day ago
days ago
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